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Frequently Asked Questions Character Rentals

Character Rental Part1 Local Q & A’s.

Q. What is a Character Rental?
A. A Character Rental or Character in a Box is a Character of your choice that will be personally delivered to your Party or Event. (Performer NOT Included).

Q. Are you local?
A. We have a variety of different locations one of our main locations is located in the Nations Capital Washington DC 20002.

Q. Which Characters can I choose from?
A. We have over 30+ Characters to choose from. You can choose from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Elmo…
CLICK HERE to see a Full List of Character you can choose from.

Q. How much are the Character Rentals for Parties or Events in DC, MD, VA? (Performer NOT Included).
A. The Character Rental depends on the Character of choice. It can vary from $229 – $409 + Free Delivery for a 6hr rental within 15 miles of the DC shop (area code 20002). We will Drop the Character Rental off at your party or event & Pick the Rental up after your party/event. Rentals must be ready by 8pm for pickup. If the scheduled pickup is not made a fee of $229 – $409 will be charged for each day the rental is not returned.

Q. How soon can I book my party/event.
A. Appointment required. 48-hour advance Notice is required.

Q. Who can fit into the Character Rental?
A. You can wear the rental, a friend, family member, co-worker. Its up to you. All Rentals will accommodate persons between 5’2′ to as tall at 6′, 110 – 220 lbs. Please read the Mascot Rental Use Guide. CLICK HERE

Q. How many hours is the Character Rental within the 20002 local service area?
A. The Character Rental is a 6-hour Rental

Q. Are the Character Rentals cleaned after every use? Is there a cleaning Fee?
A. We make sure to apply a 10 point check and antibacterial cleaning of every Character after a Party or Event. There is a Flat of $25; This keeps our product safe and clean after every use.

Q. Do you have local Delivery and Pickup?
A. We provide FREE Character Dropoff Service Valid 15 miles of Zip Code 20002.

Q. Im interested in a Character Rental but I’m outside of the 15 miles radius 20002 service area.
Do you deliver outside of the service area?
A. Yes, Additional fees apply outside of service area.

Q. What are the Character Rental Dropoff times?
A. You can schedule a Delivery of your favorite Character for any Party or Event; any day of the year. We are open 365 days and can deliver between the hours of 10am-4pm

Q. What are the Character Rental Pick-up times?
A. All Character Rentals Must be Ready to be picked up No Later than 8pm by the Driver.

Q. My Event starts at 6pm what time will you be back to pick it up?
A. Every Character Rental must be ready for pickup no Later than 8pm. Please book earlier to enjoy your rental for the full 6 hours.

Q. Do you charge Late Fees for Character Rentals kept after the 6 hour booking?
A. We encourage everyone to have the Character ready to be picked up by 8pm. A Late Fee of the Daily Character Rental Rate of $229 – $409 per Day will be Incurred.

Q. The Character Rental has food stains and dirt spots on it what fees do you charge if any?
A. We understand that its a Party and things happen. For dirty/damaged costumes we charge based on a sliding scale. From $10-59.

You are responsible for any damages to the costume. Please be careful with the Character Rental (Read the Mascot Rental Use Guide) before entering the Character. CLICK HERE
Do not let children pull on pieces of the costume. Please allow the costume to air out for a few hours after use before putting it back into the provided bag or box.

Q. What is the best number to call if I have questions or would like to book a Character Rental.
A. The best number to call is our toll free number. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 1800-619-3775.

Q. How much are the Character Rentals for Parties or Events outside of DC, MD, VA? (Performer NOT Included).
A. Character Rentals can be Reserved for 1 FULL Day at a Rate of $229 – $409 + Shipping depending on the character of choice. CLICK HERE to see a Full List of Characters you can Choose from.

Q. How many hours is the Character Rental outside of the 20002 local service area? (Shipped)
A. If you are outside of the local service area and the Character Rental is shipped. It can be reserved for 1 FULL Day.(Shipping Fees Apply).

Q. Do you offer any promos or special pricing on Character Rentals
A. We always have promos and discounts we would love to offer. Please call our customer service center at 1800-619-3775 and a rep will be glad to serve you. Mention (Additional Character) for a special discount.

Q. Do you Offer Any Discounts or Promotions?
A. Yes. We often have promo codes and discounts that we offer throughout the year. Ask a Birthday Party Specialist on current offers.

Q. How long in Advance Should I Reserve a Character Rental?
A. If you are Reserving a Character Rental (Performer not included), please book your Character 48 hours out. We do not have same day or next day rentals.

Q. What areas do you service for the Character Rental?
A. We service all 50 states. The character in a box will be shipped to you the day before your event if out of the local service area.

Shipping & Returns

Q. How much do you charge for shipping?
A. The shipping calculator will determine the cost based on your location. (Within the US Only!)

Q. Do I have to pay for return shipping?
A. No, You are not required to pay for return shipping. Pre-paid postage will be provided with your package.

Q. When do I need to Return the Character in a box Rental?
A. The Rental should be returned the Day after your Party/Event. This Should be Done to Avoid Late Fees.

Q. How much do you Charge for Late Fees?
A. A Fee of the Daily Character Rental Rate of $229 – $409 per Day will be Incurred.

Live Character

Q. What is a Live Character Rental
A. A Live Character includes a Entertainer/Performer. the Entertainer/Performer will be dressed in Character and Ready to Entertain All your Guests for an unforgettable Party/Event.

Q. What Areas do you Service for Live Performance Characters?
A. Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia (ask about parts of NJ, TN, LV, and TX).

Q. Which Characters can I Choose from?
A. We have over 30+ Characters to Choose from. You can Choose from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Elmo…
CLICK HERE to see a Full List of Live Character you can Choose from.

Q. What if you don’t have the Character I want?
A. If the Character you want is not Listed please CLICK HERE to Contact us. Let us know which Character you would like and ask for a sSpecial Request.

Q. How much are the Live Characters (with a Performer)?
A. Live Character Rentals with a Performer can be Reserved for 1-4hrs. CLICK HERE to to View our Live Character Rentals and Reserve a Character.
(1hr) $195
(2hrs) $245
(3hrs) $340

Q. What will the Performer do?
A. The Performer will Dance to Fun Music, Pose for Adorable Pictures, Sing Happy Birthday and help with Cutting the Birthday Cake. (You will also receive a Special Birthday Crown for your little Boy or Girl).

Q. What age groups do you target?
A. Our Entertainers will Entertain Children and Adults alike. We entertain Guests between the ages of 1-100

Q. What if I book my Party/Event for 1 hr and Need the Performer to stay longer?
A. The Performer would need to Contact the Office to Ensure Another Party or Event is not Scheduled for that time slot. Once Confirmed. They will be able to stay for the additional time Requested. Payment should be made to the Performer for the Additional time.

Q. I Want a Live Character with a few Different Add On’s do you have any Bundled Deals or Packages?
A. Yes, you can Save More by reserving a Full Package. CLICK HERE to View and Reserve a Package.

Q. Do you Travel to the Event/Venue?
A. Yes, we Travel to all Types of Venues from Birthday Parties, Christenings, Communions, Corporate & Private Events, Surprise Birthday Grams, Weddings, Grand Openings, Day Care Centers, School Events, Field Trips, Block Parties, Graduation Surprises, Bed Time Story with a Character, Sleep Over with a Character, and more…

Q. The type of Party/Event that I am Interested in is not listed. Can I still Make a Reservation?
A. We would Love to accommodate you with reserving your special Party/Event. Please CLICK HERE to Contact us.

Q. How many breaks Does the Performer take During his/her Visit?
A. If the Performer is there for…
1 hr- they are Required to take a 10min Break.
2 hrs – they are Required to take a 10min break the first hour and a 15min break During the 2nd hour.
3 hrs- they are Required to take a 10 min break the first hour. 15min break the 2nd hour and a 20min break during the 3rd hour.

Q. How Early or how Late can my Party/Event take Place?
A. Earliest Event Starting time is 9 A.M. and the Latest Party Must Start no Later then 11 P.M. If you would like us to Accommodate you out of those Time Ranges Please CLICK HERE to Contact us.

Q. How Long in Advance Should I Reserve a Live Character?
A. If you are Reserving a Live Character, please Book your Event 3-4 Weeks in Advance. That Gives us the Ability to Guarantee you a Time Slot and a Performer.

Q. My Party/Event is in less than 3-4 Weeks. Can I Still Reserve a Character.
A. Sure, we will make Every Effort to Accommodate you. CLICK HERE to Contact us ASAP. So we can make Arrangements to Provide the Services you Seek.

Q. My Party/Event is more than 2 Months away. Can I still Reserve a Character.
A. Yes, but since your Booking way in Advance we would like to give you a Special Coupon. Order Any Live Character for 2hrs or more or Any Character Rental to receive 10% OFF! Enter: EarlyBird at Checkout.

** Local Delivery & Pickup is Included for ALL Live Character Reservations. **

Hidden SAVINGS!!

For up to Date Coupons CLICK HERE to Visit our Coupons Page.

Deposit & Balance Inquiry

Q. Is there a Deposit Required to Reserve a Character Rental or a Live Character.
A. Yes, we Require a 50% non Refundable Deposit to Reserve any Services. We Accept all Major Credit Cards and Check/ Money Order. However, if you Choose to Pay by Cashiers Check or Money Order you will be Required to Mail in the FULL amount Due two Weeks before your Party/Event Date so that we have Ample time to Process your Check.

Q. After I pay my Deposit when is the final Balance Due?
A. All Final Payments Must be Paid in FULL 1 week before the Date of your Party/Event. Or on the date of the event to the performer in CASH only. No personal checks or credit cards will be accepted as final payment to the performer.

Q. Are your Costumes and Equipment in Good Condition?
A. Yes, All of our Costumes and Equipment are of the Highest Quality. All of our Equipment is kept Clean and Regularly Maintained.


Q. How much should I tip the entertainer?
A. Gratuities are appreciated and are NOT already included in our package prices. Like most services, an appropriate gratuity ranges from 15%-25% of the total package price.

Q. How do I reserve your services for a Live Character?
A. Step 1: CLICK HERE to Select a Live Character of your Choice and Choose the amount of hours you would like the Character to Appear.
Step 2: Click Order Now/ View Cart
Step 3: Select “Live Entertainer delivery & Pickup (Free)
Step 4: Proceed to Checkout

Q. I am Interested in Bubbles, Balloons, Pinatas, and Bounce House for the Party/Event. Do you have these products?
A. Yes, please CLICK HERE to Visit the Add On page.

Q. I Still Have Some Questions Before I Make my Reservation.
A. No Problem, CLICK HERE to Email or Call One of Our Local Offices and One of our Friendly Event Coordinators will help you Through the Process and Gladly Answer any Questions you may have.

Cancellation Policy

Regardless of when your booking was placed, if for any reason you cancel your reservation your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Time or date changes are subject to availability. Your first time/date change is free however every time/date beyond that may incur a $25 fee.

Please call us at least 7 days before your party date to cancel any service; this gives us a chance to rebook  for another party. If you cancel less than 7 days there is no credit given. (There will be no refunds given). If you place your order with us less than 7 days from your party there are no cancellations. If you are hiring an entertainer there are NO cancellations, however you may reschedule for a future date.

Rain Inflatable Cancellation Policy

In the event of rain, a customer can cancel the day before delivery without any penalty charge up till 24 hours before the event. However, if the unit is delivered in the event of rain and/or customer agrees to setup, there will be NO REFUND.

We do not offer nor do we represent any licensed or copyrighted characters.

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