Mascot Rental Use

Inside the Mascot Preparation

Eat a small meal before your mascot appearance.
If you feel Hot find a place to take a break and remove the mascot; have someone else wear the mascot. Do take breaks as needed.
Do not smoke before wearing the mascot.
Do not wear perfume or cologne
Drink lots of Water
Avoid getting the Mascot dirty/damaged (Additional Fees may apply)

Wear sturdy shoes or tennis shoes with socks; no sandals, please.
Wear presentable, lightweight clothing; Mascots get VERY HOT.
Do wear a head wrap, scarf, bandana before putting mascot head on. Bandana to wipe your face with while inside of mascot.

Inside the Mascot Behavior
Use a family member or friend as a Mascot escort. Determine a non-verbal signal with your mascot escort that notifies them that you are doing all right in the mascot; have them give a thumbs up sign).
Be aware of your limits — if you are getting too hot, signal to your mascot partner to let them know you need a break.
Do not go into treacherous areas where the ground is unstable or the ceilings are very low.
Plan ahead and coordinate with your mascot escort so that you have a secure place to change and to rest.
Never let the public see you changing out of the mascot.
Have water available — and drink it!
A small towel is handy.
Watch out for obstacles such as doorways, tree branches, and light fixtures, and make sure not to snag the costume on any protrusions.
Do not do anything inside the mascot that would be considered inappropriate, sexist, racist, or would hurt the reputation of anyone involved.
If you aren’t sure if an action is appropriate, don’t do it.
Don’t scare little children (or adults). Approach with caution, back off at the first sign they aren’t interested.
Try not to embarrass anyone.
Use common sense.
Always be polite and responsible
Never fight or rough-house with anyone.
Be Active and Entertaining
Use constant motion (do not just stand in your mascot and watch people).
No Talking; Always maintain silence. Mascot should never talk.
Do Not Let Your Identity Be Known
Make Yourself Available For pictures, For hugs and handshakes.

Mascot Handout Dealing with Children
Some children will rush to you while others will be afraid.
For shy children, move slowly and quietly.
Hold out your hand and be very still.
Have mascot escort demonstrate interaction with the mascot (give a High-5, hug, or handshake). If a child is still scared, move onto another child.
Steer clear of animals at all times.
For some reason, a lot of dogs do not like mascots.
Avoid escalators, bleachers and stairs. It’s difficult to judge distances from inside a costume. A light push on the stairs can cause you to lose your balance and take a very bad fall. Avoid Swimming Pools or Water Areas.

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